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How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Water is essential for all aspects of health, and staying well hydrated is especially important when trying to lose weight. Drinking sufficient water can help amplify weight loss in multiple ways.

This article explores the science-backed mechanisms of how proper hydration supports dropping excess pounds. Tips to drink more water for weight loss are also provided, along with the benefits of filling up your reusable bottle at Artic Refresh water machines.

Overview: Why Water Supports Weight Loss

Here is a quick overview of the key ways staying hydrated aids weight management:

  • Having water before meals helps you feel full faster so you eat less.
  • Drinking cold water raises your resting metabolism slightly to burn extra calories.
  • Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism functioning optimally to efficiently burn energy.
  • Water flushes out byproducts and toxins that accumulate when losing weight.
  • Hydration keeps your energy levels high so you can exercise effectively.
  • Water helps transport fat cell contents to be used for energy during weight loss.
  • Sufficient water keeps your digestion regular to minimize bloating.

Let’s explore the science and evidence behind each of these mechanisms in more depth.

Water Helps You Feel Full

Drinking water immediately before meals makes you feel fuller quicker so you eat less food overall. Here’s why this works:

  • Having fluid in the stomach stretches the stomach walls, creating sensations of fullness. This signals the brain you’ve had enough to eat.
  • Water adds weight and mass to the food in your stomach, further enhancing fullness relative to meal portions.
  • Consuming water right before eating dilutes stomach enzymes needed to digest food, temporarily lowering appetite.
  • The fluid volume creates more satiation without adding calories that would slow weight loss.

Drinking 2 cups of water 30 minutes before meals is shown in studies to reduce calorie intake by 75-90 calories per meal. This can significantly impact daily totals to spur weight loss.

Cold Water Raises Resting Metabolism

Interesting research indicates that drinking 2 cups of cold water (43–50°F) raises resting metabolism by up to 30% temporarily. Here’s the physiology:

  • When cold water hits your stomach, the body must warm it by about 37°F to reach body temperature.
  • This requires extra calorie burning that increases your resting metabolism, similar to the effect of exercise.
  • Maintaining the elevated core temp from the cold water requires sustained extra calorie expenditure for 30-40 minutes.

The metabolic boost from cold water is estimated to burn an extra 30 calories on average. Boosting metabolism with cold water intake before meals may amplify weight loss.

Water Enhances Metabolic Efficiency

Your metabolic processes that convert calories to energy rely heavily upon water. Even mild dehydration hampers these mechanisms:

  • Water carries nutrients through the bloodstream to tissues to fuel metabolism. Dehydration decreases transportation.
  • Water allows efficient digestion and assimilation of food to supply metabolic needs.
  • Hydration regulates body temperature required for peak metabolic function.
  • Water enables optimal waste disposal from fat metabolism. Dehydration hampers elimination.
  • Orchestrating metabolism involves trillions of water-dependent chemical reactions. Suboptimal water intake leads to inefficient metabolism.

Optimizing your hydration keeps metabolism humming along for more effective fat and calorie burning essential to achieving weight loss.

Water Flushes Toxins and Byproducts

Losing weight releases fat cell contents including triglycerides,toxins, and metabolic waste products. Drinking plenty of water is key for cleansing these:

  • Water supports kidney and liver function to filter blood and excrete fat cell metabolites and debris.
  • Ample hydration allows lymph to efficiently drain away tissue waste and toxins.
  • Water supports bowel motility to clear digestive byproducts that can trigger bloating during weight loss.
  • Staying hydrated prevents uric acid buildup that stresses kidneys already working hard to process excess fat.

Without sufficient water to perform waste disposal roles, byproducts of fat metabolism get backed up and can derail weight loss efforts.

Hydration Fuels Exercise Performance

Exercise is instrumental to shedding excess fat. But dehydration dramatically decreases endurance, strength, and motivation to workout:

  • Just 2% dehydration reduces aerobic performance by up to 10%. This makes burning calories through cardio far more difficult.
  • Lack of water leads to muscle cramps, fatigue, and exercise intolerance that inhibit weight loss activity.
  • Dehydration drops blood volume available to muscles, decreasing strength, endurance and overall performance.
  • Not having water during longer workouts can lead to dizziness, nausea, and poor motivation due to discomfort.

Hydrating well before, during, and after exercise allows for longer and more effective workouts essential to boosting calorie expenditure and losing fat.

Water Transports Fat for Energy

During weight loss, stored fat gets broken down into glycerol and fatty acids to fuel your body. But this process depends on proper hydration:

  • Water allows the breakdown of triglycerides into energy-supplying glycerol and fatty acids.
  • Fatty acids require water-based transportation in the bloodstream to reach tissues for energy expenditure.
  • Glycerol can only enter the metabolic cycle in hydrated liver cells to be used for glucose production.

Without adequate water present, the contents of fat cells have limited ability to reach the places they need to go in order to be burned for usable energy.

Water Minimizes Bloating and Water Retention

Losing weight sometimes triggers initial water retention and bloating as fat cells release their contents. Drinking sufficient water reduces fluid retention contributing to this issue in two ways:

  • Consistently sipping water throughout the day prevents onset of water retention mechanisms that paradoxically can happen if cutting water intake.
  • Proper hydration keeps bowels moving regularly to minimize bloat-causing constipation during a caloric deficit.

While counterintuitive, providing your body the ample water it needs reduces fluid puffiness and discomfort that can occur when starting to lose weight.

Tips to Drink More Water

Hopefully this gives you strong motivation to stay well hydrated to achieve your weight loss goals. Here are tips to drink more:

  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout your day. Having water always available facilitates sipping more.
  • Choose still or sparkling water instead of high-calorie sugary beverages. Avoid liquid calories.
  • Set a phone reminder to drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours.
  • Infuse your water with sliced fruit or cucumbers to give it an appealing flavor.
  • Drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal.
  • Start and end your day with a tall glass of cold water.
  • Treat yourself to a new fun reusable water bottle you look forward to using.
  • Drink a glass of water before exercising to stay hydrated during your workout.

Take advantage of the weight loss power of water! Just be consistent and proactive with your hydration habits.

Premium Purified Water from Artic Refresh

Tap water suffices for everyday hydration, but refilling from water vending machines like Artic Refresh provides purified water with extra benefits:

  • Convenient Locations – Found at gyms, offices, stores, making refills easy during your day.
  • Multi-Stage Filtration – Our rigorous 5-stage reverse osmosis removes impurities down to 0.0001 microns, keeping water contaminant-free.
  • Great Taste – Our activated carbon filter eliminates any unpleasant municipal water tastes and odors.
  • Chilled Water – Our machines cool water to an ideal 41°F for satisfyingly refreshing hydration.
  • Reusable Bottle Refills – Insert your own bottle and get exactly what you need rather than over-buying bottled water.
  • Sustainability – Far less plastic waste than buying endless disposable water bottles.

For the purest, best-tasting water to keep you fully hydrated for your weight loss goals, stay refreshed with Artic Refresh!

FAQ About Water and Weight Loss

How much additional water should you drink for weight loss?

Drink at least 8 cups (2 liters) daily. Aim for 12-16 cups (3-4 liters) for optimal hydration to spur fat loss.

Should you drink water cold or at room temp for weight loss?

Studies show drinking 2 cups cold water temporarily boosts metabolism by 30%. But any chilled water helps.

Will drinking more water get rid of water weight?

It may sound counterintuitive, but staying hydrated can reduce fluid retention. Chronic under-hydration causes the body to retain more fluid.

How does water help you lose fat specifically?

It allows fat breakdown, transports fatty acids to tissues for energy, removes waste products, fuels metabolism and exercise.

What are signs you aren’t drinking enough water?

Fatigue, headaches, constipation, dark urine, dry mouth. Pay attention so chronic mild dehydration doesn’t sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Where can you fill up with pure water around Austin?

Artic Refresh water vending machines located at gyms, offices, stores, parks use a 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration system to purify tap water down to 0.0001 microns for clean, fresh taste.

Proper hydration is key to effective, lasting weight loss. Drink up, choose pure water sources like Artic Refresh, and let water weight start coming off!

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